About me

Hello there, I'm Elise, a 40-something writer from Belgium who insists on writing stories in a language that isn't hers!

My pen name is"Élise É. Passa" (full name being Élise Édith Passa). It's not my real name, but some published author is already using that one. That's what you get for having a very common name.

The pseudonym means absolutely nothing if you read it aloud in French.

I'm a sucker for fantasy, YA, regency romance, and fairy tales retellings, so that's what I'm most likely to write.

Drawing of me

Why write in English?

That was where the fandom was.

Not at first, mind you -- I started out as a fanfic writer in French in the early 00's -- but I migrated where the fanfic was as soon as I had a good enough grasp of the English language.

I've been in various fandoms (mostly Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, and many, many cartoons), although I didn't always write for them.

And I'm not showing anyone anyway. :D